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iSenzo Sak'dala

indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili

20 June 2024


26 July 2024

A collaboration with FEDE, curated by Lebo Kekana

RESERVOIR - 11_06_2024_LR-123.jpg
Installation shots

Installation view | iSenzo Sak'dala: indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili | 2024 | Photography: Matt Slater

Exhibiton text

RESERVOIR and FEDE are pleased to present: iSenzo Sak'dalaindlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili, a collaborative group exhibition curated by Lebo Kekana. Translating to "An Ancient Act - direction is sought from those (who are ahead) have come before", the exhibition explores material methodologies and cultural crafts that hold particular relevance to inherited art forms that have been passed along through generations. The exhibition has a specific focus on the use of wood, soil, stone and grass and considers these mediums as modes for archiving and preserving indigenous knowledge systems.

Participating artists:

Dada Khanyisa

Thami Kiti

Bulumko Mbete

Treasure Mlima

Seretse Moletsane

Luis M. S. Santos

Atang Tshikare

Ben Stanwix & Xhanti Zwelendaba

Opening on 20 June 2024 at RESERVOIR in Cape Town, the exhibition will run until 26 July 2024, and will feature special programming during the city's newly launched HEAT Festival, which takes place from 13 - 21 July 2024.

This Ancient Act (Le Senzo Sak’dala) This ancient act It connects me to the wood — to this gift from the soil It brings my focus to its fibres, and how they almost match my own It seems to prompt me, to know more than I see To outstretch my hand — to feel intuitively Through this ancient act We borrow from one another Forming relics of our encounters A constant reckoning with the earth As we tear, tend, mend, till, build, transmute and uproot For this ancient act My forbears would say a prayer Grateful for an enabling substrate of imagination With intention and care, an organic geometry emerges And from the earth, the walls of our homes encircle I yearn for this ancient act For my relationship with you was interrupted Your teachings replaced and progress encumbered Your motives disgraced My ties to you severed Yet this ancient act It seems to hold time Creating a connection to periods outside my own existence Making time less finite And making its boundaries less clearly defined Rooted now in this ancient act We reintroduce ourselves, and make our return Back to the ground from which we were formed Seeking newness from what we once knew With a collective spirit, creating a context and culture anew

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